Shenzhen Ronghua Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2013, is a manufacturer specializing in the R&D, customization, production, sales and service of camera modules, USB camera modules, lenses and other products.

Ronghua Technology

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  • Self-reporting as a camera module supplier

       Shenzhen RongHua Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that integrates R&D, production, processing customization and sales of camera modules, and provides customers with product differentiation and customization solutions from various aspects such as pixels, functions and applica...

  • The counterattack of Chinese lenses

    With the continuous innovation of technology, the era of national video that can be taken anytime and anywhere has arrived. Professional cameras have become necessary for many people to travel. The lens, as the core component has also entered the vision of more and more consumers. When it comes t...

  • Controversy Arose by Face Recognition Camera Installation by a Camera Manufacturer

    In the name of security, without paying the rent of advertising space, the third-party face recognition camera manufacturers install free advertising equipment with face recognition function in the elevator of the community. The loss of rental income that would otherwise belong to the owner is al...

  • High requirements and advantages of lens module

    As customers have higher and higher requirements of the camera module , a line of technical accumulation to manufacturers will have comparative advantages, investment and production lines and related equipment (such as AA equipment, active automation are expensive. The small manufacturer also can...

  • FPC camera module have Become an Eye-catching Industry

    In line with the growing mobile phone integration, FPC camera module provide more and more perfect supporting schemes, making more and more new brands enter the mobile phone market. The advantage is that these cell phones are cheap, which also bring tremendous pressure to the traditional mobile p...


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