Shenzhen Ronghua Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2013, is a manufacturer specializing in the R&D, customization, production, sales and service of camera modules, USB camera modules, lenses and other products.

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  • What are the reasons for rosin joint in SMT chip processing?

    I. Rosin joint caused by process factors 1. Missing solder paste 2. Insufficient amount of solder paste applied 3. Stencil, aging, poor leakage II. Rosin joint caused by PCB factors 1. PCB pads are oxidized and have poor solderability ...

  • The impact of PCB surface treatment technology on welding quality

    PCB surface treatment is the key and foundation of SMT patch quality. The treatment process of this link mainly includes the following points. Today, I will share the experience in the professional circuit board proofing with you: (1) Except for ENG, the thickness of the...

  • Structure and development trend of camera module

    I. The structure and development trend of camera modules Cameras have been widely used in various electronic products, especially the rapid development of industries such as mobile phones and tablets, which has driven the rapid growth of the camera industry. In recent ye...

  • Infrared thermal imaging camera with “temperature”

    Working principle Natural light is composed of light waves with different wavelengths. The range visible to human eye is 390-780nm. The electromagnetic waves shorter than 390nm and longer than 780nm can’t be felt by the human eyes. Among them, electromagnetic waves with ...

  • How is manufacturer of face recognition cameras good at applying this technology?

    Face recognition camera uses biometric technology based on facial feature information, uses a camera or video camera to collect images or video streams containing human faces, automatically detects and tracks the human faces in the images, and then performs face recognit...


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